Sound is scary

“I’m too scared of haunted houses! I don’t like loud noises or the dark or clowns.”
My dad laughs at me. “Haunted houses aren’t even scary! I just walk through them. All my friends make me go first and they all have to hold onto me because they’re all chickens.”
I glare at my dad. “Dad, you can’t even say anything. It’s less scary for you because you can’t even hear the noises! You don‘t use your hearing aid!”
To be fair, it’s not just that he can’t hear the scary music and the loud noises, but he also has no emotions. I totally don’t mean this in a mean way, and I guess he has happiness, but other than that, he doesn’t feel much. And those are his own words. His idol is Spock because he has no emotions and he respected that.
He continues to tease me for being afraid of haunted houses, and I wish I could cheat like he does. My life would be even more amazing because I wouldn’t be able to hear all the scary things around me or I would be even more anxious than I already am since I wouldn’t know what was coming.


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