Being a CODA

One question I get very often is “What is it like having deaf parents?” I honestly don’t know how to answer this, just like you don’t really know how to describe what it’s like having hearing parents.

My brother and I were never too loud or crazy, and it was slightly annoying because if my mom called my name, I had to actually get out of bed and go see her instead of just screaming “WHAT?” 9 or of 10 times, it was something I did not need to actually get up for.

One trick that I did use often was pretending to be asleep since my mom couldn’t hear me making noises seconds before she called out of my name. So that is one big difference.

The volume on my tv was always very low since my brother and I had pretty sensitive hearing and we used captions on our tv. And subtitles have become part of my everyday life and I don’t know how to function without them.

My parents could still call me before texting became big, they just used a relay service which I absolutely hated and will explain in a completely different post.

My childhood was fairly normal, but with just a few different stories than most.


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